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  1. Define stand up. stand up synonyms, stand up pronunciation, stand up translation, English dictionary definition of stand up. v. stood, stand·ing, stands v. intr. 1. .
  2. Esther Povitsky probes the origins of her neuroses on a unique stand-up special. WATCH NOW. JESSICA KIRSON RECALLS A DANGEROUS ONE-NIGHT STAND WATCH THE SPECIAL. JOIN BIG JAY AND DAN AROUND THE BONFIRE LISTEN NOW. All Shows # A. Adam Devine's House Party; Ahamed's Ramadan Diary.
  3. stand up to To confront someone or something fearlessly: The citizens were too afraid to stand up to the cruel dictator. 7. stand up with To act as best man, maid of honor, or matron of honor for some groom or bride at a wedding: I stood up with my old college roommate when he got married.
  4. Jul 06,  · 2. Maria Bamford: Weakness Is the Brand As she points out in her new special, Maria Bamford’s stand-up has long focused on “mental health schtick.” She goes on to say that she’s a little.
  5. stand up for (someone or something) To defend or show one's support for someone or something. We'll never make any progress if we don't have anyone in congress standing up for our cause. Thank you for standing up for me back there. It just felt like everyone was against me. See also: stand, up stand up for someone or something to take the side of.
  6. stand up definition: 1. to be in an upright position on your feet; to get yourself into an upright position on your. Learn more.
  7. Stand-up comic Colum Tyrell is the toast of New York but he'll not drink to that It's a comedy special to coincide with the Liverpool Comedy Festival and features three top-notch stand .

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